Monday, October 24, 2011

How I’ve learned to forgive from Archangels

I must admit that I tried hard to forgive and forget some situations and people that in my perception hurt my feelings. I applied the techniques for forgiveness I knew so far and although everything seemed to be working just fine, at times I found myself thinking again about those moments. Then I knew I had to take an extra step. I didn’t really know what I am supposed to do but I started to ask the Archangels to help me.
Some information I received from my research taught me that all the situations  that appear unexpectedly in our life are neutral: not good, not bad. They just happen. People come in our life with a purpose and a lesson for us to learn. When we understand that everything happens for a reason, we become more flexible and we stop opposing the events we don’t like so much. Rather than opposing, we should try to understand what is the lesson we have to learn from that situation. Opposition contracts and acceptance expands our consciousness.
 Imagine you are under an apple tree and an apple just falls on the ground. There is a chance that you sit exactly in the place where the apple falls. Who’s to blame?  The apple?  The apple tree? The Universe? Karma? Anybody else but you? Now you have only two options: you either get upset and angry because the apple fell on your head, or you start laughing, accepting this as a pure fact and nothing else. Now imagine you see this situation from a distance. You are just a witness of the situation itself. An apple falls from an apple tree. It’s really not important what happens, but our reaction to the situation. And all our actions and reactions create our karma. The law of karma is the law of action and reaction and it says that every action has a reaction. We do a good thing, we help somebody; we are being helped in return. We hurt somebody; we are going to be hurt in return. We love; we are going to be loved in return. Maybe not by the same person, maybe by another one. Maybe not today, maybe later. So who’s to be blamed for our life? Only and only ourselves. I believe that we create our life every step of the way. We create it with our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Nobody else is the cause of our misery, but us. Nobody else is the cause of our happiness, but us. The choice is always ours: we can choose misery and pain or happiness and fulfillment.
So what I’ve learned is that what is creating our life are  all the actions and  also the reactions towards what’s happening every day. When we take a step back and we see all the events in our life with lucidity and detachment, we choose what response to take. And this means creating our life every step of the way, being conscious all the time, being awake. In this state of awakening we will be surprised to see that little by little we no longer have to deal with difficulties, but rather live our life in harmony and peace.

And now I want to share with you a technique of forgiveness which was revealed to me by the Archangels. I applied it immediately with great success and it is really working!
Here is the technique:
"Go back in time and remember the place and the person and the entire situation which caused you pain. Now visualize that person in a bright white light and feel compassion, love and understanding for him/her. See that person and the situation together in a different light. You can even put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about what was he/she feeling in that moment? What caused his/her reactions?  You can see that person as having their own problems and struggles in life at that moment, which led to their actions. So that might have been a reaction towards an event in their life, not towards you. You just happened to be there in that moment. See what is good in them. Try to find at least one quality that they have, something which you admired sometime. Then visualize a transparent balloon made of light, which surrounds the entire place where this situation happened. Take the balloon in your hand and let it go. While it flies up in the sky, it’s going further and further away from you until you can’t see it anymore.
Now it’s all gone. Look back at that situation in time and that person again and try to discover the lesson they tried to teach you. Know that they were there to teach you a lesson and be grateful for what you’ve learned from them. Let go of all frustrations, anger and resentments. The sky is clear now so you can see the beauty of all people again!
Thank God, the Angels and Archangels for this divine gift!
Let go of all the uncomfortable, even painful moments of your past, just like a balloon disappears in the sky after a while."
I started to apply this in my daily life as well, not only related to the past events. So every time I deal with an uncomfortable situation, I stop for one moment and I put it inside a balloon made of transparent white light. My perspective upon the situation changes in a magical way. I see it more clearly. I choose to respond with kindness and love. I accept it and I can even see the lesson behind it. And usually the lesson lies within my reaction. In other words, my reaction tells me if I learned the lesson or not. Then I just let the balloon go. I don’t even think about it anymore the next minute, hour or day. It’s really working! This is what I call “spontaneous forgiveness.”

Life is so beautiful! Don’t waste your time in the past, but live with all intensity HERE and NOW! let go of the things which are not useful anymore. It's like cleaning your closet and give away those clothes you don't wear anymore. We all have to do this once in a while, otherwise the closet will become stuffed with useless things, which won't let us put anything new in there.
 This is the next step forward towards happiness and fulfillment!
I hope this will help you heal your life as much as it healed mine!

I honor the Divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

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