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The Essence of Love

I found this explanation about the essence of love extraordinary and that's why I wanted to share it with you.
This is an excerpt from the book "The Secret Tantric Path of Love to Happiness and Fulfillment in a Couple Relationship by Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru

“The energy of love comes from God the Father and brings in our inner universe an immense richness of states and nuances. We can say that the energy of love, which emanates from the heart chakra – Anahata chakra – contains an amazing multitude of specific secondary energies, which have their own specific frequencies of vibration. The most common and least refined of the energetic components of love, which circulate and manifest through the force center Anahata chakra, are the subtle exchanges of emotion between two people who love each other.

Besides this, there are also the elevated, pure, sublime, superior components of love, which can be associated with the so called “love of the soul.” These energies manifest the supreme divine love that represents beyond doubt the highest, purest, and most elevated components of love. To understand this revelation, imagine that love, as an energy which comes from God, contains in its manifestation seven different component energies. Out of these seven component energies, the seventh one is the divine, supreme, and most elevated component of the energy of love. This component, or this energy, is in close connection with our eternal spiritual essence. It is in connection with our supreme, immortal Self, Atman. Besides this component or supreme ultimate energy, there are six more component energies of love. Although these seven energies manifest simultaneously in our inner universe, in the microcosm of our being, we perceive only those we are already open to receive. Knowing this, we can say that there are seven different ways of feeling the energy of love within our inner universe. The last one, the seventh one, is only completely and profoundly awakened in us when we reveal the immortal Self Atman in our inner universe.

The supreme energy of love (the seventh component), represents the ultimate energy that manifests itself in our inner universe simultaneously with the other energies. This supreme energy of love, when felt intensely, deeply and fully, enables us to overcome our emotions, to go beyond attachment and jealousy, and to be spontaneously led towards the mysterious field of the mystical essence in which the Supreme Self Atman, the spark from God God the Father, is revealed to us.

The revelation that I present here, that love is made of seven distinct energies occurring simultaneously when we love, is essential and should be understood as such when we intensely, deeply, and completely experience unconditional love.

This revelation should not lead us to consider the other forms of love love’s energy to be useless, but it should enable us to understand that by refining and elevating our frequency of vibration, we shall come to predominantly feel an intense and overwhelming expression of the seventh component of the energy of love, which is its supreme aspect.

The revelation of the supreme immortal self, Atman, facilitates the prevalent experience in our inner universe of this supreme divine component of the energy of love. At the same time, the discovery of this supreme component in their inner universe makes the person spontaneously enter a state of divine ecstasy (Samadhi).

Because love comes from God and because God is above all love, we are put into deep, immense and instantaneous communion with Him through the mysterious energy of love. This explains why states of happiness, ecstasy, enthusiasm, joy, delight and exaltation occur within us when we are in love.

When we love unconditionally, intensely and deeply, we become full of joy and radiate a mysterious light that spreads for many miles around us, generating a magical, divine field and making the energy of love shine like a diamond in our hearts. The richness of these overwhelming heavenly states remains in our inner universe and is even amplified, providing we are open to it and do not block the flow of divine grace triggered in the microcosm of our being by the energy of love.”

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

The Essence of Happiness

Many times I wondered where love and happiness come from and how can we love with a pure, detached, selfless, unconditional love? I even started an experiment with two friends, one week ago, to experience the detached, unconditional love, without expecting anything in return for 49 days in a row. Believe me, this is not easy. Because many times we expect from our lover the same kind of love we offer. We have expectations and we worry that we are not loved the way we would like to be loved. We have desires which transform into sufferance if they are not immediately fulfilled. We expect from our lover to make us happy, and we put our happiness in their hands. Is this real love or is just a mixture of desires, expectations and love? Is our happiness completely dependent on others or is entirely dependent on us? Is receiving love more fulfilling than giving love?
I started to look for answers to these questions and I found that my true nature is pure happiness and pure love; that my happiness doesn’t depend on the actions and reactions of anybody else, but me. I went deeper in this search, seeking for the essence of love and happiness and really wanting to experience them in their purest form.

So I did some research, reading the book “The mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz, in which I found a beautiful story about “The man who didn’t believe in love”.
In this story, there is this man who didn’t believe that love exists. He had his own experiences about love and he concluded that love is just an invention of the poets and of the religions who want to have control over people and make them believe. He even thought that love is addictive. When you get your daily dose of love, you feel happy. But what happens when you don’t? Then the fear that you won’t receive love anymore makes you controlling and even manipulative. So he told everyone he met that what humans call love is nothing but a fear relationship based on control.
Then one day, he met a woman who too believed that love doesn’t exist. She had her own experiences in her relationships and she also concluded that we look for love, we open our hearts and we become vulnerable, just to find selfishness. That hurts, so this will repeat no matter how many relationships we have, the same thing happens again, so what’s the point of looking for love anymore? So love doesn’t really exist.
So they realized that they are so much alike and they became the best friends ever! They respected each other and they never put each other down. They were happy exactly the way they were. There was no envy, or jealousy, no control or possessiveness. They loved being together, because they had a lot of fun and they were very happy!
But one day, the man had the weirdest idea: Maybe what I feel for her is love!
And he told her about his idea. She said that she had the same idea, but she didn’t want to tell him about it because she knew that he didn’t believe in love.
So they concluded that maybe love does exist, but it isn’t what everybody thought it was. So they started to live together and they became lovers and it was amazing that their relationship didn’t change.

Until one night, when the man’s heart was so full with love that a miracle happened: he was looking at the stars and he saw the most beautiful one, and his love was so big that the star started to come down right into his hand and his soul merged with the star. He was intensely happy and he couldn’t wait to go to the woman and put the star in her hands to prove his love for her. As soon as he put the star in her hands, she had a moment of doubt, and the star fell from her hands and broke into millions of pieces.
Now there is an old man walking around the world saying that love doesn’t exist and there is a beautiful old woman waiting for a man, shedding a tear for the paradise that once she had in her hands, but for one moment of doubt it was lost forever.
Don Miguel Ruiz concludes in his book:
“Who made the mistake? Do you want to guess what went wrong?
The mistake was on the man’s part in thinking he could give the woman his happiness. The star was his happiness and his mistake was to put his happiness in her hands. Happiness never comes from outside of us. He was happy because of the love coming out of him. She was happy because of the love coming out of her. But as soon as he made her responsible for his happiness, she broke the star because she could not be responsible for his happiness.
If you take your happiness and put it in someone’s hands, sooner or later she is going to break it. If you give your happiness to someone else, she can always take it away.
Then if happiness can only come from inside of you and is the result of your love, you are responsible for your happiness. We can never make anyone responsible for our own happiness.”
So here was the answer I was looking for! Happiness comes from inside of us, not from outside! As Eckhart Tolle also says, pure happiness is our true nature. We kind of look for reasons to be unhappy, many times in our life, but what we miss seeing and understanding is that we are truly happy right here and now, in the present moment! Really, if you take a moment and you stop everything you are doing right in this moment, you close your eyes and you merge deeply inside of your heart, what do you think you will discover there? That you are perfectly happy right in this moment! And the love you are always looking for outside of you, seeking and seeking and waiting for it to come in your life, is again inside of you! And you know what will happen next, after you realize these two important things? That when you give this love to someone and when you share this love and happiness with someone you love, just sharing, giving, without expecting anything in return, this love and happiness will double and even triple! Because now there is not only one happiness and love, there is more and even more, each day! And as long as you don’t put any restrictions to your love or happiness, it will flow uninterrupted forever and it will grow every day! So from this moment on, you are no longer dependent on the actions and reactions of somebody else, you are entirely responsible for your own happiness and you are in the flow of life, not beside it.
I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!
With love,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Different Aspects of Love - New Radio Show on June 29th, 2011

I have a new radio show coming up on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, at 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time:

Different Aspects of Love - Part 1

In this show I will present the first two forms of love from a scale of 7 resonances of love, according to the ancient Greek tradition: Love - Desire and Love - Passion.

Although there are different aspects of love through which we express what we feel and according to the way we understand love in our own unique way, behind all these aspects of love, there is a deep and profound love which is the divine love, Agape. Through the deepening of the love we feel here and now, on the level where we are right now, through the conscious understanding of this love, we can reach exactly in this moment the source of love from which all other aspects of love appear, the Divine love.

Join me and find out more!

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

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The 5 Love Languages - Part 2 - New Radio Show on June 22nd and June 25th

On Wednesday, June 22nd, at 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time and Saturday, June 25th, at 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time:

The 5 Love Languages - Part 2

If you want to learn more about the way you can express love and receive love in your relationship, join me and find out more about the 5 love languages, in the second part of this presentation. 

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

About the opening of the heart with a Romanian Orthodox Monk

In Romania we have a very rich Orthodox tradition, coming from 2000 years ago, which is preserved up until today.

When I lived in Romania I used to visit the monasteries, talk to monks, pray and spend some peaceful, spiritual time in far-away monasteries, sometimes up in the mountains, away from the agitation of the modern cities. Some of these monks withdrew from the life in the monastery in order to live a life in isolation and constant prayer, in the wilderness. Their food was limited; still they survive all the harsh conditions through the 24 hours continuous prayer, which is known as “the prayer of the heart”. They are called “Sihastrii.”

 I remember once, together with a friend, I traveled a long way just to see a monk who lived up in the mountains for years, in a small cottage. His friends were the animals and the nature. We climbed a very steep mountain road to get there, and once we got to him, I felt the peace and the whole wisdom of the heart were speaking through him. When we left, we both felt uplifted and recharged with peace, happiness and hope and we totally forgot about the steepness of the mountain road. We were almost like flying.

This is just one of the unforgettable memories I have from the Orthodox monasteries.

Here are some confessions of an 85 year old Romanian Orthodox monk, from a message which I received today from a friend. Here you will find words of wisdom coming from a life lived in God and through God, from the heart. I think that we all have something to learn from him:

“Q: How do the healing work when somebody comes to you and asks for help?

A: I don’t think that I have something to do; I just open and let the Holy Spirit flow through me. I never ask the person why did they come to me, what problem do they have? I just feel their soul how heavy it is, and then I pray. This is all I do: I pray together with him. I tell him that is a great joy when two people gather in His name, because then He is with us. For me is a blessing when somebody opens the door to my room. I don’t look at a person entering my room, but I look at God within that person entering my room.

At the end, I feel how the man is lighter, is shinier. I don’t need to know what burden he was carrying with him, God only knows, I just let my soul open and I pray with all my heart. So all is needed is our prayer to God, I hold his hands or sometimes I put my hands on his head. Sometimes I feel he needs to come back, some other times I know that the work of God was made. And the miracle for me I don’t call it healing, but the awakening of man towards God.

Q: Why it’s difficult for me to pray in a crowd which is agitated, nervous and tensed?

A: As long as you see God outside yourself, you will also find reasons outside yourself as well. The cause is not in the people around you, but in the way you perceive God. If you have the unshakable belief that He is in you, you realize that nobody can stay between you and Him. In order to pray, you go deep inside yourself, close your eyes and you will find peace inside your heart. There God is waiting for you. The mind is the first which is either open and lets God manifest inside your being, or the mind stops you from this. The mind weaves labyrinths and sometimes gets lost in its own webs.  If you let the love from your heart to bathe your mind, you will see that your thoughts will find their way to Heaven.

Q: Why do people fight to get the light for Easter in the Church?

(In the Orthodox Church, during the midnight Easter mass, people bring a candle and light it up with the light coming from Jerusalem, hold by the priest. Many times, because the church is full, people are in a hurry to get to the light as quick as possible.)

A: You fight to get closer to God when you have a fear, mistrust or a worry regards to your relationship with God. Then you always think that you have something more to do, you didn’t do enough, there is always something else which will bring you closer to God, and you keep looking and looking for that something else. But if you stop the search and the worries, you give yourself time to discover Him in you. You can live a whole lifetime searching for Him outside of you, but you don’t look in the right place. The outer fight is a sign of the inner fight of those people, their aspiration, their search, their hope and this is the way it reflects outside.

Q: I asked him how come after hours of standing up in a very uncomfortable position, he didn’t show any signs of tiredness? More than that, the people around him were very calm and peaceful. He emanates a vibration of peace around him, which calms the people.

A: Tiredness comes from the fight of the person with life. When you oppose life, judging, criticizing, being angry, you lose the life from inside of you and you get tired. This is normal, because you go against the current of life. Love is the flow of life! You achieve peace and tranquility when you let life flow through you, without any opposition.

So there is no fight between us and the others, or the events of our life, but inside ourselves, that inner fight exhausts us.

Q:  I asked him how did he achieved this state of peace? (in my opinion, of enlightenment)

A: I asked God to give me light so I can give it to others, with an unshakable belief that my prayer is listened and fulfilled. Then I let myself being carried away by the currents of life, I opened my heart and this is how the prayers which I felt in my soul came. I never had doubts and my request for God was to give me this gift of giving for as long as I live on this Earth.

I consider the richness of heart the greatest blessing above all.

Look for silence. Don’t follow the flow of my words. Listen to God in my silence.

Q: What do you feel when you speak with a man?

A: When I speak with a man I look at the Holy Spirit inside him. To be disrespectful with a man is like being disrespectful towards the throne of God. It’s not enough to see God in an angel or in His Son, Jesus, but look around and discover Him right here.

Pronounce every word rarely, with respect, don’t be hasty when you speak. Words are made of Holy Spirit, and when you speak with a man, speak with respect, being aware that in that moment, the Holy Spirit manifests through you in the world. Let every word come from your soul, feel it before you pronounce it, this is the only way the word will touch the soul of the person you talk to. If what you say is lacking the light of your soul, it will pass in a corner of the other person’s mind and it will be forgotten. If what you say comes from your heart, then the person you speak to will remember not the words you spoke, but the joy that you brought to his heart.

Before I left, I wanted to give him something, and he answered my unspoken thought telling me to do the sign of the cross above him and bless him. I was thinking: how can I do this for him, since he is just apparently living in this world, but actually he is beyond this world? He explained to me:

When you do something from your heart, you let the celestial power of the Holy Spirit work through you. Men don’t bless through the human power, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, and in His eyes we are all equal.
The enlightened people walk through us simple, unknown. We can only feel the breeze of the celestial worlds in their passage through our lives.”
If we can only look at each person which comes in our life seeing God within him/her and showing him/her love and respect, we will ennoble not only our own life, but the life of others as well!

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

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The 5 Love Languages Part 1 - New Radio Show on June 15th, 2011 and June 18th, 2011

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 7:00PM PST and Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 2:30PM, PST:

The 5 Love Languages, Part 1

Since childhood, every human being has been developing a specific way in which they receive the love that their parents and the people who they come in contact with transmit to them. This could be called the love language of that being. It is therefore very important that when we are in a love relationship and we honestly wish for our beloved’s happiness, to aim to discover our beloved’s love language and to manifest according to it as often as possible.

The same thing is valid for us as well. By doing a self-analysis and aiming to discover how do we like to be loved and what makes us feel loved and appreciated, we can guide our beloved to manifesting towards us in that way that makes us feel the best and gives us a broad feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

In his book "The Five Love Languages", Dr. Gary Chapman, summarizes and concludes that there are five fundamental ways in which a human being expresses and receives love.
Join me and find out more about the 5 love languages!

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,


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Mysteries of Love - New Radio Show on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

I have a new radio show coming up on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011, at 7PM PST:

Mysteries of Love
Love is a mysterious energy which flows endlessly from the immaculate heart of God the Father.
When a human being loves, it is not him/ her that produces the love he/her feels, but through mysterious phenomena of resonance, he/she enters in connection with the eternal energy of love that exists in the absolute and immaculate heart of God the Father.
The great sages of our planet say that God is Love and Love is God.
God reveals to us through the energy of love and we can also reveal God in ourselves through the pure, unconditional love for human beings, God and His entire Creation.

"It is always a thousand times more important to intensely, profoundly and measurelessly love your neighbor who deserves it, than to let yourself be loved more often without loving in return.
The human being who loves intensely, profoundly and measurelessly, becomes divine through the love that he manifests, in comparison with another human being that always or more often lets himself be loved. Many of you will ask yourselves: "what is this secret?"
The answer to this question is: in the human being who loves intensely, profoundly and measurelessly, due to the love that he manifests in his being, God manifests Himself because, as we well know it, where there is love, God is also present and where God is present, a great and overwhelming love is also manifested."

a quote by Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru, from the exceptional book:
"The Secret Tantric Path of Love and Fulfilment in a Couple Relationship."
Click here to see the book on

Join me and find out more!

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,