Remember Who You Really Are!

Dear friend,

 Welcome to Open Your Heart Project!
 If you clicked on this link, you might already have been interested in this subject. Or at least curious!?
 I am happy to be here with you, because this blog is like an open book with white pages, which will be written by all of us, including you. So if you want to be more than just a reader and become the co-writer of this book about the sacred space within our heart, you are more than welcome to bring out your unique talents maybe deeply hidden in your heart and start giving them a meaning by sharing them with others.
 This is a place of remembering who you really are: a divine human being, created from the same spark of Light and Love as all human beings, endowed with extraordinary unique talents and qualities. Why not break free from all prejudices and limitations artificially created by the ego and simply remember who you really are?
 This process of remembering  your true nature should be the simplest thing in the world, because what can be simpler than being who you really are in essence? Being who you are supposed to be since birth?
 Yet, because of the interference of the ego, we tend to forget who we are and we live in doubt and illusion. Imagine how you would feel if you would break all the chains of limitations, prejudices and fears which keep you a prisoner in your own body? Wouldn't you feel free? Wouldn't you feel happy? Wouldn't you feel more loving, more compassionate, and more passionate about life? Wouldn't you start pursuing your dreams? Wouldn't you start remembering who you are and what makes you happy?
My dear friend, every journey starts with a first step. If you are willing to make this first step is up to you. This book doesn't have a page limit:)
Let's start writing it together and in this process we might even discover things about us that we had no idea about! Maybe even an exceptional writing talent! Why not? Everything is possible.
 So the first step being made, I thank you for bringing your talents in this quest and I look forward to learn from you everything you would like to share from your heart!
I honor the divinity within you!
With love,