Welcome to my blog!

My name is Delia and I am happy to be here with you, sharing, learning and enjoying this amazing experience of discovering the beauty and divinity within you!

 I created this blog because I wanted to share with you the most beautiful places within our hearts, which are so deeply hidden underneath the surface of our ego. I wanted to see how much beauty we can find in each one of us, how much joy we can bring in each others lives through the simple realisation of our common divine essence which is to be found in the sacred space of our heart.

I started this project based on the idea that we all have more things in common than differences. The boundaries between us are artificial and illusory, because we all speak the same language: the language of the heart.
 Unfortunately, our world is based on competition and separation, rather than unity, acceptance and recognition of the unique qualities within each human being. Still, the changes we see around us nowadays are more and more visible: changes of the climate, a possible pole shift, solar explosions and much more. But the main change we need to become aware of is the change in the human consciousness.
I have met many people who truly believe in a world based on love, unity and peace, rather than separation and conflict. I think that we live in a time of transformation of the global human consciousness, when people become more and more aware of what they truly are and how they can transform the world starting with their inner transformation.

In this respect, here I intend to bring people together and discover the beauty within us, our true divine nature which is to be found in the depths of our heart, to share our experiences related to the opening of the heart and enrich our lives with new meanings. It's all about learning from each other, sharing our unique qualities and unite, regardless religion, faith, country of origin or color. United we are stronger and I believe that together we can create a better world, becoming more loving, more compassionate to others, awakening all the qualities within us, and honoring the divinity from each human being. In this way our lives will be enriched with more beauty, love, peace, joy, and respect for all forms of life, understanding and tolerance.
 We all have our own unique inner treasures and qualities. When we share our experiences from our heart, when we communicate through our heart, there are no barriers between us anymore and we miraculously become aware of who we really are: divine beings created and sustained by the same Universal, Divine Consciousness. We are all interconnected through fields of energy, through our thoughts and emotions and in the same time we are connected to the Universe and the Source of life which is the Divine Consciousness. We influence each other at a subtle level and everything what happens in a part of the world influences the rest of the world, because we are all part of the same organism which is our Planet Earth, which is part of the Universe and so on.

The unification between the individual and universal takes place in the spiritual heart.
That's why, opening our heart and raising its vibration frequency will make possible this unification, this shift of consciousness in a harmonious way.

I present a weekly on-line radio show where I speak about the opening of the heart in different spiritual traditions of the world: Yoga, Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, Sufism, Judaism and more. In these presentations I give tools and techniques for opening of the heart, specific to each spiritual tradition. Click on the On line Radio Shows page to view the schedule.
 Those of you who would like to practice them during the one week between two shows are invited to share your experiences on this blog.
I also invite you to share your suggestions, post your comments and experiences so that we can all learn from your experience and truly create a spiritual family in which we all grow together.

The website where you can connect to my radio show is this:
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You can also see more details about me and my activities as a yoga teacher here:
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I am excited to share this fascinating journey of self-discovery with you!


With love,