Saturday, July 2, 2011

Different Aspects of Love Part 2 - New Radio Show July 6th and July 9th, 2011

Wednesday, July 6th, at 7:00PM, Pacific Standard Time and Saturday, July 9th, at 2:30PM Pacific Standard Time:

Join me in this journey of discovering the divine love which is the source of all nuances of love we feel in our lifetime. Each aspect of love can take us to the divine love, if we know how to open our heart to it.
In this radio show I will present the next 3 aspects of love from the ancient Greek tradition: erotic, romantic - love, love- friendship and love-harmony.

Join me and find out more!

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

Friday, July 1, 2011

What is the Divine Love? Message from Archangel Raguel, June 30th, 2011

I wanted to know more about the divine love and I asked Archangel Raguel to give me more details about it. This is his answer:
"The divine love or God’s love for His entire creation is one of the greatest mysteries. It is the source of the entire creation.

In the beginning, there was nothing but the thought of God which manifested as creation through the divine love. The divine love is the primordial source of the creation and of all the states of happiness of human beings.

Imagine a river which flows. Where it comes from? A little stream appears from the mountain and then it gets bigger and bigger through the water of the rain which falls in that place. So is divine love: it’s the stream from which appear all nuances of human love. The human being lives through the force of this stream and develops adding to this stream her own nuances through which she contemplates the beauty of creation of God and of all His creatures.

Every human being has her own, unique way to feel love. She feels, creates, admires the beauty around her and when another human being joins her in this contemplation of beauty, they create a couple. Their love grows as much as the power of their contemplation of the beauty in the other being and the entire creation is.

You don’t have to limit your contemplation only to one aspect of creation, but all together. See the beauty and the sublime in the totality of God’s creation.

What you admire in a being you love, exists in you as well. There is nothing apart from you.

You recognize in this being the beauty within you and this is what you admire in her. She is your mirror and you see in the mirror those qualities which awaken your soul. This state of admiration is essential in love and without it you won’t be able to love anyone and anything.

When you go out in the nature, admire the purity of the scenery, but you will find this in you too. Everything exists inside your being: nature with its beauties, the cities with its people. Your being is a whole universe. You are very complex beings, endowed with remarkable qualities which you are not conscious about.
But beyond all these infinite nuances of perception, there is the source of everything which is God the Father. In Him you will find the divine love, which is the source of all your feelings of love. It is pure, omniscient (knows everything), omnipresent (exist everywhere) and capable of miracles. It knows everything and through it you can know everything too.

How can you discover the divine love?

Through the opening of your spiritual heart. There you will find it, in your Divine Self Atman (the spark from God the Father which exists in your spiritual heart), which is pure, immaculate, just like divine love.

Only when you reveal your Divine Self Atman in your being you will be able to love with a divine love, because only in this way you reach the source of all love and you will melt in the Heart of God.

You may think it’s difficult. You may think that you are restricted continuously by limitations and conditions outside your being. You lack self-confidence. This shows that you don’t trust your Self and the power of God. Trust is one of the secrets of success on this path. Trust Him, the Divine Father and He will show you the way! But the way is already imprinted in your heart.

Believe that you are divine, beautiful, free, harmonious human beings! Don’t listen to the voice of your ego which tells you to not trust anybody and anything! Listen to the voice of your heart and it will always show you the way to Goodness, Truth and Beauty."

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,

What is unconditional love? Message from Archangel Raguel, June 6th, 2011

The moment we fall in love is a moment of divine grace which brings so much happiness and fulfillment in our life! We feel like we don't even touch the earth anymore when we walk, we feel like we have wings and we can fly. Our soul feels lighter and often shines like a diamond with a sparkling light which can be seen by others. We smile and laugh more often, we feel like we have everything we ever wanted. We simply forget about ourselves and we want these moments of pure happiness to last forever. But many times our happiness seems to be conditioned by a lot of things: the physical presence of our lover (we don't feel the same when we are apart, even for a short time), his reactions, his mood, the time we spend or don't spend together, etc.
The question is how can we make these moments of pure happiness last? How can we love unconditionally, without expectations and limitations and still feel free and happy all the time?
We have to remember that it doesn't matter if these conditions are met or not, our love still exists.
For example, if our lover is away for an indefinite period of time, how would we feel? Unhappy, in most of the cases, miserable or even abandoned perhaps, although except for the space separation nothing else has changed in the relationship. In a situation like this we can ask ourselves a fundamental question: is our love different or is still the same? And the answer will reveal the depth of our love. If we feel the same kind of love, with the same intensity or even more, it means that our love is genuine and our happiness is not conditioned in any way by the distance. If our love weakens in time, that means it lacks profoundness and the test of separation was not passed. Either way, we can realize that we can still be happy and that our happiness doesn't depend on the exterior circumstances, but depends only on us.

There are fundamentally 2 different kinds of love: love-expectation and love-giving.
Love-expectation is the one in which we always expect something in return. We expect from our lover to make us happy, to love us as much as we love him, to call us, to send us text messages and emails every single day, to show us that he loves us and cares about us. We always expect proofs of his love. And we are never content with what we receive, because there is always something more which was not addressed or fulfilled. Our attitude in this kind of love is a passive one. Expectation itself is a passive attitude, is not creative, dynamic or transformational.

On the other side, love-giving is the one in which we give love, without expecting anything in return. We don't put any conditions to our lover, we don't expect him to call us or text us all the time, we respect his freedom, we respect his own needs and desires and we love him exactly the way he is. Separation from him is not a reason for sufferance, because we are aware of the love we feel and give all the time.
Our attitude in this kind of love-giving is an active one. Love-giving is dynamic, creative and transformational.

A friend of mine told me recently when I asked her what can she tell me from her experience about unconditional love? "I think that the moment we count exclusively on others in order to be happy, we will always be disappointed, because their reactions will never meet our expectations. That's why, I found that being happy with myself first, without necessarily expecting anything from others, is the first step in being really happy." So true! Do we really need to lean onto others in order to be happy and fulfilled all the time or this is something we have inside of us and once we discover it we are happy no matter what? I think that love is an amazing path of spiritual evolution, because it makes us grow, it makes us search, learn and find answers about ourselves, about life generally. And as long as this is a continuous transformation, this is all about evolution. We look for answers, we find some, we learn and we grow. We overcome our fears and finally we set ourselves free from any type of limitations. And this is evolution.

Because this is what unconditional love is: feeling happy and fulfilled without expecting anything in return, but instead being happy no matter the circumstances and giving love more than expecting to be loved.

And because I wanted to find out more about this from my divine friend, Archangel Raguel, I asked him how can we love with a divine love, without attachments and how can we learn freedom when we are in love?
This is his answer:

"God’s love is the Divine love. God is very close to you. You must look for Him in your heart and when you will discover Him there, you will recognize Him everywhere. The Divine love doesn’t expect anything in return and this is the way you should all love.

The ego always expects  something. When you will go towards God with all your being, the love you will feel then will uplift you and you will gain wings. Rise as high as possible and follow the light from your heart. Rising in this way will detach you from everything which is earthly and your love will be detached from earthly things.
When you renounce everything which is earthly, then you will gain EVERYTHING! You will gain the real life, the eternal love and the eternal life. When you renounce everything, you receive everything in return. This is a great mystery which God gave to people and it can be understood in time, not at once. Renouncing you will gain.
Renounce all expectations, calculations and plans. Live at least one day in full harmony with the Universe, and you will see that all you need you will receive.
To be free in love means to love everything as the creation of God and don’t put any limits to your love. Love everything, forgive everything, accept everything, embrace everything.
When you get closer to God you receive everything without even asking. You become detached when, in your ardent search for God, you forget about everything which surrounds you and in the same time you embrace everything with love.
When you accept everything in your life without any opposition, you gain freedom.

If the exterior circumstances are not according to your expectations, if the reactions of the people around you are not according to what you want, then sufferance and enchaining follow. When you accept all the reactions of the people around you exactly the way they are, without opposing them, then you become free.
Love all the creation of God! But first and foremost love God with all your being!"

I honor the divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,