Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gift of the Archangels - an angel appears during the show

Watch this video from the show "The Gift of the Archangels" performed on October 31st, 2011, in Bucharest, Romania, by the artistic company "Anima Mundi" ("The Heart of the World"), from MISA Yoga School.
Stop at the minute 1:20 and you will see the silhouette of an angel appearing in the background! It is absolutely amazing!

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I honor the Divinity within you! Namaste!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 The Day of Celestial Victory

The Earth is going through important changes. I could feel a wave of new energy descending in the last few weeks, awakening the divinity within all of us, which is actually our real essence. This energy opens our hearts towards unconditional love, happiness and freedom. It's time for all people on our planet to rejoice, because the changes which are about to come in the next years will be spectacular. The shift of energy taking place right now will bring our Planet Earth to a higher level of vibration, through the understanding of each one of us of our divine essence, of our spiritual bond, of our oneness, as members of the same planetary and universal family. The Golden Age of humanity is about to begin and we are the first to take active part in this change.

Today I want to share with you some of these ideas about the energy shift which is taking place on our planet.

This following information about 11.11.11 was provided by Astrologist Rodica Purniche from Romania:

The numbers represent one of the most mysterious notions which define our lives. Manifested through only 10 aspects, they generate an infinity of visible and subtle possibilities in our world and the Universe. The synchronicities, repetitions and analogies will always attract our attention, because they warn us upon some manifestations of the cosmic energies which help our spiritual evolution.

11.11.2011 is considered one of the 12 possible numerical identities which can be observed at the beginning of every century.

11.11.11 is influenced primarily by the Planet Mars, the only planet which changes its zodiacal sign, right before sunrise, switching from Leo to Virgo. The event is of much more importance, because Mars is in perfect conjunction with the fixed star Regulus, which is placed at 29 degrees in Leo, so very close to Virgo. This conjunction started at the beginning of the celebration of the Holy Archangels, which is celebrated in the Christian tradition between November 8th and November 13th, having a maximum on November 11th.
In the Christian tradition it is said that during the Days of the Holy Archangels, the Holy Archangel Michael sends the Summer back and brings into manifestation the Winter. The Archangels are also considered the ones who bring the greatest and the most mysterious revelations to people.
On November 11th it is celebrated the day of the great Saint Mina, which is the one who uncovers the bad actions of the thieves.

Astrologically speaking, the period between November 9th and November 13th, the Planet Mars is in perfect conjunction with the fixed star Regulus. It is considered that when a planet passes through the trajectory of a fixed star, the planet becomes an open channel for a huge energy, which accelerates the emergence of that fixed star energy to us. Regulus is part of the four "royal stars" from the Persian tradition: Aldebaran (Gemini), Antares (Sagittarius), Fomalhaut (Pisces), known as the "four keepers of the Sky". They are the "thrones" of the four Holy Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel: Aldebaran is the throne of Archangel Michael, to the East, Regulus is the throne of Archangel Raphael, to the North, Antares is the throne of Archangel Uriel to the West and Fomalhaut is the throne of Archangel Gabriel to the South.
Regulus is called by the Babylonians “The King”, by the Persians “The Center” and in the Medieval times it was called “Lion’s Heart” or “Sun’s House”. It is 155 times more brilliant than the Sun. The passing of the Planet Mars close to Regulus and the activation of its energy, takes place during the Archangel’s days. Their influence amplifies the physical and mental healing and sustains the efforts of those perseverant in their aspiration to unite with God and evolve spiritually.
Due to the Law of Resonance, the activation of one fixed star makes the other stars to vibrate in unison and together with the influence of Planet Mars. The power of Archangel Michael adds to the healing power of Archangel Raphael. All these forces together will generate a major, planetary influence for the moral and spiritual healing of our entire planet. On November 11 it is said that a lot of energetic portals are opened, in other words, the skies are opening to let the Divine energies bestow upon us and also bring the Divine justice on the planet.

On the day of 11.11.11, all our prayers are answered. It’s a good day for meditation and introspection.

And more about 11.11.11 from Lauren Gorgo's website "Think With Your Heart":
“The moment that each of you have been waiting for, the moment that we have termed “inception” is approaching. This is heralded by the massive energies precipitated by the opening of the 11:11 stargate portal on 11/11/11. What this means for the way-showers is monumental, for it is this group who will be physically laying the template on earth for all other inhabitants to follow.” -PHC
Last month, on 9/10/11, our bio-circuitry was apparently rebooted. We had undergone an immense (read: grueling) upgrade during the summer months from that obnoxious triple eclipse sandwich that shook every one of us to the core…and then in September, Mother-Father God pushed the divine-human reset button to start-up our new operating system. Most likely you slept thru this the way we slept thru most of September…actually, now that I think about it, you may not even remember September.
Well, whatever… definitely not the first month we’ve slept away… tho prayerfully our last? Either way, now that we have been upgraded & rebooted we are reorienting ourselves aaaagain and that always means the usual cellular changes (read: fatigue), most of which this time relates to our newly downloaded programming that includes the integrated understanding that every cell has intelligence. (more on this coming soon)
Our bio-circuitry is adjusting to incorporate and adapt to the new codes we are already receiving from the upcoming 11:11 stargate portal. The emanations sent forth by the great central sun are encoding our biology with new mandates, new directives and the Pleiadian High Council would like for us to know that the new human apparatus is well-equipped to handle these changes, however, it may be of benefit for those of who are experiencing great difficulty to embrace the many modalities available to us to assist in easing the transition on our bods, as well as to give a much-needed boost to our emotional and mental well-being.
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And more from a message from Archangel Metatron channeled by Natalie Glasson:

The Earth has been entering and moving through major transitions but these transitions are
stepping up in speed and intensity as we draw closer to the energetic landmark of 11-11-11. You
may feel the energies powerfully even from the beginning of November right through to 2012
and beyond. You may notice two major shifts in energy that will gradually and smoothly come to
a climax. From November the energies anchoring into the Earth will become finer and lighter, it
will seem like a breath of fresh air, this may be recognised by everything flowing with a greater
ease, as if joints have been oiled. This change in energy will build and enhance climaxing
around the date of 11-11-11. You may then notice a new shift in energy which will activate on the
12th December 2011, will be increase on the 24th December 2011 and then will climax as the
new year of 2012 begins. There will be many other activations and energy waves which will be
ignited throughout the year of 2012 and beyond, these will be anchoring of a new foundation for
the Era of Love and so will predominantly consist of different vibrations of love merged with other
appropriate qualities. It is important to remember that when energies are anchored they are to
activate energies and consciousness within your being. Activations allow you to understand
more about the Creator’s energy and to aid your unity with the Creator. The recognition of
certain qualities is simply a process of exploration of the Creator’s light to aid a further

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I honor the Divinity within you! Namaste!

With love,