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20 Secrets of Happiness

Some thoughts about happiness:
  • Happiness is a state of mind, it doesn't reside in objects.
  • Nobody can make you happy, except yourself!
  • The fountain of happiness is inside of you. Don't try to find it outside. This search is in vane.
  • The origin of stress is in your mind. Without the understanding and control of your mind, it's impossible to eliminate the stress.
  • Nobody can make you unhappy, unless you allow them to.
  • Happiness is measured by the spirit in which you face life's challenges.
  • Happiness doesn't come when you do what you like, but when you like what you do.
  • Happiness is like perfume: you can't pulverize it on others without being touched by few drops.
  • The best way to stay happy is to make sure that others are happy as well.
  • The tension and unhappiness are not objects, things or situations. They are our reactions generated by things and situations.
  • Happiness doesn't mean the fulfillment of your desires, but the absence of desires.
20 Secrets of Happiness

1. Mental concentration
A powerful mind is not easily affected by the challenges of life. Mental concentration means to learn how to live in the present moment, which is the best way to reach happiness and success in life. 

2. Detachment and the ability to let go
Some people can concentrate and be absorbed completely during one activity, but it's hard for them to forget that activity when they start another one. We must remember that the only reason for various things, actions and events in our life is to give us the lessons and training necessary for our evolution. We must use them for our progress without attaching to them too much. It is said that" Although it's useful to remember sometimes, it's often wise to forget."

3. Planned thinking
Make sure that from time to time  your thinking is planned and structured and not chaotic.Chaotic thinking and dreaming with open eyes it's a sign of a weak mind. It shows that instead of controlling your subconscious mind, you are controlled by it. Your conscious mind should always stay active and alert, being in control over your subconscious mind. Make sure you keep only the thoughts you want to have in that moment.

4. Positive thinking
The way we think is the most important factor in building your personality and character. Make a habit in seeing the positive aspects of things and events, even in the most unhappy situations. Negative thinking weakens the mind, makes it agitated and impure. Having a positive thinking, you will attract always favorable conditions, through the law of resonance. Staying always positive, you will create an aura of good vibrations around you which is beneficent not only for you, but for people around you as well.

5. Take it easy
We use to take things too seriously. We should rather realize that there are no permanent difficulties or problems. All will pass some time sooner or later. Everything is changing. Nothing is static or permanent, including your problems.

6. There is a reason for everything, nothing is random
The Universe has a certain order and everything is linked through the law of cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause. Everything which happens today is there because you saw some seeds there in the past. Change your attitude towards the confrontation with various problems in life. Don't look at them like a burden which comes from nowhere. Look at them as modalities for progress and growth and stay focused in success/failure, gain/loss so that you stop another karmic link to create. The events in our life are not as important as our attitude towards them.
"The world is not good, not bad. It all depends by the way we react to it."

7. Silence, solitude and introspection
Try to make time every day for a silent, peaceful time and dedicate some time just for you. Through silence you preserve your mental energy. Talk only as much as it is necessary. Avoid gossip, arguments and useless conversations. There must be a reason and a sense in everything you say. A lot of mental energy is lost in useless discussions.

8. Conquer your fears
Fears are great consumers of mental energy and they are also major blockages for our progress. According to the Law of Attraction or The Law of Resonance, we attract in our life the things and situations which we are mostly afraid of. Keep in mind that there is nothing in this world you should be afraid of . No situation is ever as frightening and painful as our imagination makes out of it.
Confront every life challenge with a positive attitude and trust in yourself and God.

9. Don't maintain inferiority complexes. What others can do, so can you!
Many people have inferiority complexes, considering that they can't do what others do. They don't trust themselves. You must understand that the ultimate potential is the same for all of us.
Don't compare yourself with others and don't feel inferior or superior to others. In fact we are all One in essence!

10. When you are provoked, don't respond immediately
Every time when you feel troubled because of some unexpected problems or some bad remarks of others, avoid reacting immediately or respond to them. Wait a little, refrain to say or do something as long as the trouble still persists in your mind. It's better to leave that place and stay alone for few minutes, silently. Calm down and try to see the problem from all perspectives. If you need to respond, be polite and respectful.

11. Don't charge your subconscious with negative thoughts
Your subconscious mind is a huge deposit for your conscious mind. Everything you see, hear, think, feel and experiment is deposited here, as permanent memory. Together with the feelings and impressions we deposit negative emotions and feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger and others. The remedy is to send to your subconscious mind only positive emotions and thoughts. This will destroy the negative thoughts and emotions. The positive is always more powerful than the negative.
Remember that the source of troubles are not our actions but our reactions.

12. Be always optimistic
It doesn't matter how many times you failed in reaching a goal. It's important to stay positive and trustful in your success. There is no force which can stop you from reaching success, if you are dedicated to a noble cause.
Remember that no effort is in vane. Even if the situation seem to be a disaster, don't give up. Keep trying. You never know how close you are to success.

13. Learn to say NO
Your courage to say NO can save you from some unpleasant situations. You have an independent personality which can stand up like a rock if truth is on your side. Some people are afraid that if they say NO to a person, they will feel offended. But if that person has a negative attitude generally, she will see everything as negative, no matter what you would say. Instead of concentrating on others, it's better to concentrate upon what you are doing, seeing if that action is good or bad from the point of view of your spiritual evolution.

14. Be happy with the work you do and don't expect rewards
Learn to be happy with what you do. Don't expect the fruits or rewards for your actions. Just put love in what you do and when your work is done, move to the next one.

15. The more you give, the more you receive
There is a wonderful law which says that everything you give to others it will return to you double or triple, being knowledge or material things.
The law of giving says that if you give others knowledge, you will gain more knowledge. If you give others happiness, you will gain more happiness. Everything you give to others you receive back and everything you save for yourself, you will loose.

16. Avoid selfishness and reach to others
Give up the attitude of doing something just for your own comfort, pleasure or profit.
Remember that the best way to be happy is to make others happy.
You should work as the entire world will be much happier after your work and efforts are done. If you see others suffering you should have compassion in your heart and care for them. Look at other people's problems as your own, putting yourself in their place. In this way, your consciousness will expand towards the concept of universal family.
Always remember that in the happiness and fulfillment of others resides your own happiness and fulfillment. If your neighbor cries, you cannot be happy, despite all your riches.

17. Smile always
Try to keep a smile on your face when you walk, talk, sit down or stand up. This is the proof that you keep yourself in a positive attitude all the time.

18. Don't have expectations from others
Don't expect anything from others. Understand that when you help somebody, you help yourself as well. The person you offer your help to, gave you the opportunity to evolve spiritually in this way and you should be grateful for this. The help you are giving to someone comes from God. You are just an instrument through which that help is offered.Don't expect any recognition for something you do for others. If they thank you, be grateful. If they don't thank you, don't be upset. Be happy for everything you do, without expecting anything in return.

19. Give to the world more than you take from it
You can give to the society many things like your work, knowledge or experience. Your life here in this world is fulfilled when you give to the world more than you take. Have a purpose in life for the good of others.

20.Help and transform yourself in order to help and transform the world
Every person has a unique role in this world and  influences the world in their unique way. Each one of us have a special gift that we came to share with others during our lifetime, in order to make this world a better place. If we desire to transform the world, we must start by transforming ourselves first. Your own transformation will bring for sure a transformation in the world, as small as it may be in the beginning.

Excerpt from the book "How to Remain Ever Happy. Tips to release Stress, tension and Anxiety" By Er. M.K Gupta.

I honor the Divinity within you! Namaste!

Wishing you to be always happy, with love,


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