Saturday, October 29, 2016

Angels and Archangels Week, Oct 30th-Nov 6th, 2016

You are kindly invited to join us in this special event which will take place simultaneously in various countries all over the world, where we participate in activities dedicated to bring the blessings of Angelic benefactors in our life as well as our communities.

During the week from October 30th to November 6th, we are going to get closer to our enlightening helpers, in various angel meditations as in our daily life. The only thing to do is to open our hearts towards their playful and pure reality full of light, love and compassion.

The message we aspire to communicate with you this week is “Be an angel for others through unconditional acts of kindness” in order for our entire planet to become a more peaceful and loving home for all of us.

You will enjoy:
·         Daily meditations
·         Extensive presentations
·         Techniques of communion with Angels and Archangels
·         Meditation for spiritual healing of Planet Earth with Angels' Help
And much more...

Joining the webinars:
In order to attend the webinars, all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet. Just click on the access link for the event of your choice, enter as a Guest providing your name and you will have access to the online presentation. The access link will be available 15 minutes before the start time of each event. Please log in right in time to listen to the preliminary presentations to benefit most from the meditations.
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before Test your computer

We look forward to seeing you there!
Let us all become like angels on Earth and bring the pure vibrations of love, kindness and compassion everywhere we go!
With love,
Delia, Cristina,  Rainer, Sofian and Olga
Yoga Teachers at ATMAN Online Yoga Academy
About the presenters

Delia Carreon
Has been organizing Angels Week in Phoenix Arizona USA since 2009. Based on her own experience, she has published articles about angels and archangels on her blog Open Your Heart Project, since 2011. She is the organizer of the online group “Angels Meditation Online Group” where she shares her love for angels, people and planet with the open public. She lives her life based on the principle that we are all Divine beings, with a spark from the Divine light deep inside our hearts. The angels and archangels are our celestial friends which help us to return home, to our Divine essence.
Cristina Milea
Brought her contribution for the Angels’ and Archangels’ week in 2013  when she lectured about Archangel Michael’s presence in the history of France, named the Protector of France, as well as the abundance of Angels and Saints names for cities and places. She was amazed to discover that each French department has a Saint Governor or Angel Governor. Since 2011 she organizes this event locally in France, where she lives, inviting people to rediscover their relationship with the guardian angel and calling up their help when needed. The Angels are just one thought away...

Rainer Trubel
Keeps a regular practice of communion with angels. As yoga teacher in Atman - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation he has realized and experienced many times that angels are a fundamental aspect of the divine manifestation, which extends from the  transcendent Supreme Consciousness, through myriads of subtle worlds of light, all the way down to the physical reality, that we are experiencing with our senses. The angels have been given different names in various traditions - devas, beings of light, messengers, divine guides, guardian entities, yet their role is very similar: They create the link between the divine and the worldly, the up and the down, the heavens and the earth. Through this connection they give the creature the chance to evolve. They bring the divine good, harmony, love, hope, and unity within everything - even in the darkest moments. This fine and subtle action of the angles allows us to make our own experiences according to our free will, yet at the same time opening us toward an uplifting superior orientation.

An advice for the ones having doubts: Honestly ask the angels to prove their existence to you!

Olga Korzhak
A few years ago she have been overwhelmed by angels' presence. She still experiences in her daily life that unforgettable embrace.
This is her first time participating in Angels and Archangels Week as a presenter and she is very happy for that! She truly believes that the Heavenly Kingdom of our closest friends angels and archangels is available for us all the time . All we need is just to call them...